Hi! I am Bea, an illustrator based in Barcelona. I love creating drawings with various meanings, representing things that surely exist, although we may not be able to see them. I also love silk screen printing.

To contact me by email, please use this address:

For commissions in Australia, please get in touch with my agency, Illustration Room.

You can find my illustrations and silk screen prints in these shops: Printworkers (Barcelona), Miscelanea (Barcelona), El Diluvio Universal (Barcelona), Verdejade (Barcelona), Consell81 (Barcelona) and Ó!Galeria (Lisbon and Oporto)

Some of my clients are: Judicial College of Victoria, Lonely Planet, CIBC Bank, Qantas, Iberia, Adobe, The Guardian, Traveler Condé Nast, GQ México or Der Spiegel.